The Lambs That Stole My Heart

For those of you who have been following me for some time, you will know that I am partial to cute animals. So imagine my reaction when after coming off my Easter holidays (yes I know how delayed this post is!) to see the most adorable, fluffy little lambs frolicking around in the fields behind Hiscocks. 

Lamb 39 was my first little favourite, but then lambs 38 and Number 1 appeared and my heart was well and truly stolen.

Number 1 was the tiniest little thing, but no matter how many times I tried to get photos they never came out right. The camera obviously couldn't handle the cuteness ;)

Ah, there we are! Number 1 is the lamb on the far left of this photo. See the tiny, cuteness?

So here's to a very cute filled weekend guys!



  1. Awww they are ever so adorable :) Lambs are one of the cutest things there is.

  2. Aaaaaaaaah, I love lambs and sheep! Number 1 is adorable!!!

  3. Your right Number 1 is pretty darn cute, the do love a good frolick - adorable!

    Gems x

    Fashion, Well Done

  4. It's so funny to watch lambs playing around, they are just adorable.

  5. So adorable! Thanks for stopping by my blog, hun! :) Don't be a stranger!


  6. awh they are all so cute ^_^

  7. Wow. They are incredible. so sweet and adorable. I never knew lambs were so beautiful.

  8. How incredibly adorable are these little things?! I love cute little lambs as well, so glad you shared this - it certainly made me smile! :)

    <3 Shawna
    Serpentine Streets

  9. Hey, I just found your blog!! :)
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  10. Lambs are so cute, they often appear on my Pinterest board dedicated to cuteness, I can see why your heart was stolen by that one !
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  11. Lovely post.
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  12. OMG, sooooo cute!! Love your blog :) would be awesome if you could check mine out xx


  13. How sweet! I love lambs :)


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