And there was sunshine!

The weather seems to be picking up as these past few days have been fairly warm and sunny, until it decided to rain this evening...gah! Make up your mind weather! *shakes fist* While the sun was out I grabbed my chance and relaxed in the garden.

One of the things I always miss when I'm at university is having a garden so whenever I get home I go a bit garden crazy and spend as much time as possible outside. I always so much better in myself too whenever the sun's out and I can get some vitamin D!


More cloud photos for your enjoyment! I don't know what it is about clouds but when they're all fluffy and white against a blue sky I think it looks lovely. 

The sunny garden!

Today has been mostly about making Dad a Father's Day card. We didn't really do anything to celebrate which was unfortunate but funds are practically non-existent at the moment. Mum and I have also been getting our interior designer on by heading to B&Q and planning design schemes for every room in the house, starting with mine. Mum also successfully dyed a pair of shoes from beige to navy blue/black and that tiny change has made them look newer and fresher in an instant. 

Mum's wild flowers and chives have also flowered making the garden look nice and colourful.

So Happy Father's Day to you all and I hope you're all having a lovely weekend whatever you've been doing.



  1. The flowers look lovely :) The weather has been rather odd lately. At least here. One day we have downpours, the next it's bright and sunny outside. Still I always dress for cold weather so I'm fine. I didn't do much for Father's Day but I did buy my dad dinner, and I gave him a t-shirt he picked out himself.

  2. I love to get outside as much as I can when the sun is shining, there is something about it which always makes me feel better.

  3. I love the cloud photos! They are like fingerprints aren't they? No two are the same.

  4. Lovely flowers, it is great to spend time in the garden. That's one of the things I want to do this week actually now I'm on holidays and it has stopped raining. The weather has been terrible here too for awhile now but at least it's not summer and the rain is not completely unexpected. I hope you get some sort of warm weather.

  5. I'm the same with pictures of clouds. I have a lot of them. There's something really calming about a beautiful sky. Glad to see you got to enjoy some sun, changeable weather can be such a pain.

  6. beautiful shots!


  7. Do you live in Bletchley? I went there once to sing a choral evensong on Christmas eve at a church in Great Brickhill! It was fun!
    Love the cloud pictures! The first looks like there was some writing in the sky like someone drew a hole in the clouds wtht their finger but it's now messed up! I love having a garden,know what you mean!

  8. A garden is just so British isn't it? Perfect for taking in every last ray of sunshine. Those chive flowers are so pretty.

  9. hi girlie! long time no talk (on blogger). glad to see you livin' it up in the sun! missed your pictures! i literally feel a clean breath of air come in when i see them :)

  10. My dear,
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    I wish you lots of success and will surely come back often


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