Guinea-Pigs, Cygnets, calves...

So I am finally back in good old Milton Keynes and even though the weather is grey and rainy, it is still so nice to be back home in my room and of course with my beloved guinea-pigs.

Patch and Smudge had nowhere to run once I got home! Can you tell by what I'm going to call my happy face how pleased I was to see them? :D I'm sorry that this photo is so blurry! 

So this post is going to be catching up on odds and ends just before I left university for the Summer.

A little dragonfly dropped in to say hello last week. I'm surprised how patiently he waited for me to take a photo before flying off.

I also managed to get a few photos of the gorgeous little cygnets that arrived on campus just last week too. They are adorable!

I completely forgot to add this in yesterday but this was one of the very curious little calves who came over to say hi while I was out walking back from a lecture.

I also found the illusive fishes which have been hiding away all term too!

I had a lovely evening in the pub with my friends, which included an impromptu quiz in which the only question I knew without fail was what animal has eyes that move independently of each other, a chameleon! There was also an adorable dog playing with a little teddy, one of the nicest things about going to a nice little pub. Unfortunately I missed the Jubilee coverage but I hear I didn't miss out too much :P

Any plans for the Bank Holiday Weekend?



  1. I love guinea pigs too :) Having cats though means I can't have other small furry animals though. I'm glad you had some fun, and you knew at least one answer. I don't have any special plans myself though.

  2. A guinea pig pooped on me once. It was really awkward.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  3. Loving all the cute animals! That first photo of you is so incredibly cute :) Enjoy your time at home & hopefully the weather clears up soon!

    <3 Shawna
    Serpentine Streets

  4. how cool to get a dragonfly photo. I love swans and signets at a long distance, swans freak me right out - they're beasts!

  5. The photo is kind of blurry. It looks like there's 4 guinea pigs there. :P

  6. Guinea pigs are wonderful creatures!! I had one when I was little

  7. Hasn't that term flown by? Glad you're having fun at home. x

  8. I miss having guinea pigs, so cute!

  9. Lovely pictures! Thank you for stopping by <3


  10. ah so many cute animals! great post xx


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