Spring Blossoms

It's that time of year when the trees start to bloom and wake up from the long, dull sleep of Wintertime, flexing their delicate petals like a butterfly flexes it's wings for the first time. Sunlight catches the beautifully coloured stamens as bees and beetles flit about the flowers, collecting nectar and pollen. While the weather has decided to flip-flop back from super gorgeous sunshine last week, the blossoms on the trees are still out and about and as gorgeous as ever. 

Walking around campus before heading home last week there were fantastic, pink blooms on two massive trees next to the lake. It was like a tree made out of candyfloss! The white ones in the photo above were lining the street on the way to the library one afternoon. Even though I live in a city where to see the countryside you have to drive for about a quarter of an hour, you do get nice moments of lovely urban flowers and wildlife every now and again, especially in Summer!

I promise that regular monthly programming will return now that exams are over!

Have a lovely evening everyone


  1. I absolutely love nature, and I really would like to see cheery blossoms and the like in person. It must be such a beautiful sight.

  2. These blossoms look so beautiful. Have a wonderful Tuesday my friend :-)

  3. You have such a beautiful campus! very jealous. Did your exams go alright? Woo, Summer now right? :)xx

  4. Lovely blossoms, I love seeing blossoms on the tress because you know summers coming and they look so lovely :) Good luck with your exam results-I'm waiting now for my results *fingers crossed*

    Tanesha x

  5. spring is such a great time of year! everything seems so alive and fresh! love those flowers!


  6. I love the Treasure trove- your type of treasure is totally my type too! Beautiful! (and you look utterly adorable with the guinea-pigs in the last post- sorry I somehow missed that one!)

  7. I do love blossom, it smells divine in the evenings x

  8. Beautifully written post! I love this time of year, everything is so bright & refreshing... really makes you feel happy to be alive :)

    <3 Shawna
    Serpentine Streets

  9. Beautiful photo and good luck with your exam! I enjoyed reading your post :) xo akiko
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