22 Things

This month I turn 22 which is an odd idea to get my head around but I always thought that when I turned 22 I'd be this super cool grown-up with everything sorted. In reality I'm still as confused about a lot of things as I ever have been, still find very punny jokes funny and still want to believe in fairytales It's odd to think that I'm nearly 22 because a lot of the time I still feel 15 which may explain some of my more childish attributes, like the fact I still thoroughly enjoy kids' programmes, books primarily written for teens and of course Disney, but you know I think that's ok. As long as I'm enjoying life, whose to say what age limit you have to have for the things you enjoy?

When I was at secondary school if you had asked me where I saw myself at 22 I would have thought I'd have my life figured out but unfortunately, being 21 about to turn 22, I have even more questions than there are answers to. But I suppose that that is the fun of growing up. It's another opportunity to learn more things, do more things, grow and build myself and maybe when I turn 23 I'll have it all figured out...or I'll be the ever perpetual child. Peter Pan Syndrome! 

So in this post I wanted to remember some of the good things and the simple things that will never fail to make me smile. I hope it can add a smile to your day too.

1. The tree in our garden that has sheltered me during many a rain soaked day, with leaves that turn gold in Autumn.

2. The friendly neighbourhood cats that always drop in to say hello.

3. My Mum's baking, which has saved me on many a sugar-craved evening.

4. Holidays in Cumbria, with afternoons spent walking in the shallows at St Bee's beach with the sun on my back and the wind in my hair.

5. Cold glasses of coke in the back garden while the sun's rays beat down as I read a book.

6. Staying with my Grandparents in Devon and visiting all the cute nearby towns with lovely old buildings.

7. Walking around the Blue Lagoon and seeing the white blossoms all over the place every Spring.

8. When the lavender blooms in the garden every Summer and all the bees pay a visit

9. Seeing the wild flowers at the park every Summertime.

10. Cuddles with the guinea-pigs.

I hope everyone's had a lovely weekend.
Take care guys


  1. Don't ever change Tasha!
    Heck, I'm 31 and I still think I am 15!!! I'm still not sorted, still just as disorganised, scatty, worried by things, delighting in children's books, I like innocent films, talking like a child and allowing people to treat me like one! Who cares about the real age!

  2. I'm echoing Kezzie! I've concluded that being grown up is just a pretence taken on when people suddenly feel they ought to be all mature and that. I still feel 15. It's nice to know I'm not the only one. x

  3. That kitty looks just like mine :3 When I was 15 I thought I would have things figured out by now. I even entertained the possibility I'd be married by now. None of that has happened. But it's okay. If you have everything worked out, then you've got nothing more to go for. It's good to have more questions than answers :)

  4. Don't worry I am sure things will sort out along the way! In the meantime, just have fun in your birthday month!!!


  5. You'll still feel the same way when you're 42, believe me! Age is nothing but a number!
    Gorgeous pictures, St Bee's beach is going straight on to my places in the Lakes to visit in September! x

  6. Congrats on almost being 22!...and do you said you would send me some bread...what about your moms cookies now??? lol

  7. Awww 22 is still young - there's no need to have everything sorted out yet! I'm 28 and I still feel 15... I think there is no need to stop liking anything that makes you happy just because another year passes... Just enjoy your birthday month and celebrate the special beautiful person you are!

  8. What a gorgeous kitty; reminds me so much of the beautiful cat I had before Juliette. You and the guinea pig are so sweet. I feel the same way whenever I have a birthday especially when I turned 23 earlier this year. I always thought that would be the time by which I'd have everything sorted. Also since I am in the last year of my law degree I have similar feelings. I always thought a person with a law degree would be really mature and grown up but that is so far from the truth for me. Anyway, I realised this year that growing up is so overrated. Unfortunately we can't stop getting older but it's ok to have those childish attributes and like things that are somewhat immature. It keeps us young.

  9. Don't sweat it, I'm in my 30s with two kids and am still fond of YA fiction (aka teen books), nail art nonsense, and dance movies!

    Thanks for your comment over on my blog! x

  10. You're as young as you feel! Never think you have to totally out grow anything! I'm about a year older and sometimes wonder if I'll ever have it all figured out (thought I would by now) But that's the beauty of life ... nothing's ever clear live and love life and make every moment count! Best wishes to you!


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