Birdsong and Bees

The garden always comes alive in the Summer and today was no exception. I found an adorable little baby bird sitting happily in our garden. I didn't go and disturb him other than leaning in for a photo as many baby birds end up on the ground but normally the parents are very close by, as I also found it. As soon as I started to walk off it's Mum and Dad flew down and checked on the little one.

I think it's a baby blackbird as the parents certainly looked like blackbirds and I hope this fledgling was alright, but as tempting as it is to try and protect the little baby from the neighbourhood cats, I can't, and the RSPCA always warn against touching fledglings you find so I left well alone.

I also found a very prettily coloured ladybug larvae chilling out on the lavender flowers. I didn't realise the ladybug had four stages until they reached adulthood. I did some Googling earlier after I took the photo as I wanted to be sure it was definitely a ladybug baby. While insects aren't everyone's cup of tea, I do find them very interesting and I love how colourful some of them can get!

And to top it all off there were plenty of bees around too!

I hope everyone's having a good weekend!


  1. Awwww I love the little bird :) I'm sure it's parents would have gotten it out of there if a cat came along too.

  2. These are beautiful! i love taking shots of bees too. I didn't know ladybugs had a larval stage... you learn something new every day1

  3. we don't get many birds in our garden since the arrival of Mae :(

  4. What pretty pictures! sadly one of my naughty kitties brought in an almost identical dead bird to that one this morning, savage nature, huh? x

  5. I keep running by small (baby) birds that don't seem to flinch when I pass by; its the strangest thing. A couple of times they try to fly away but can't.. I wonder if they fell out of the nest or somthing?

  6. These pictures are amazing. It's so cool how you were able to get such a close up picture of a bee. I've always wanted to do that actually. What a sweet little bird.

  7. Stunning photography <3


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  11. Great pics!! Hope you visit my blog!

  12. These are very unusual and cool images!)


  13. these are very beautiful photos and especially the baby bird and the ladybug larvae!! I can never take such a close shot of a bird!! And it's so cool to know that ladybug has four stage before reaching adulthood :) Great post and thank you for the sweet comment Natasha!!!

  14. Beautiful photos, as always! I hope you're doing well :)

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  16. Wow, I've never seen a baby ladybug before! I never knew they looked like that either. :o

    Also, the baby bird is so cute. I have some bunnies living in my front yard and they recently had a baby! :D


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