Super 8 and Creating!

Today's been a busy day of volunteering, contacting agencies in my hasty bid to try and earn some money before heading back to university in September and generally sorting my life out. Patch is currently not very well again, and after another trip to the vet where nothing else was really confirmed other than Patch isn't in the best state of health. Because he's just a little animal there's nothing the vets can do and I think I'm trying to steel myself against the notion that Patch might not be around for much longer. It's the only bad thing about having pets. One day they aren't with you any more. However, he was given antibiotics to pep him up and he's been looking brighter. That's my boy! 

Aside from being an amateur animal carer, I've been watching  a lot of films! One of the best things about coming home for the holidays is the beauty that is Sky Anytime, and all the films that are ready to be watched. The film that has been my favourite out of all the ones I've watched over the holidays so far is Super 8. If you haven't seen it already then I highly recommend it, it is a sweet and funny film with a great cast, brilliant effects and a wonderful storyline. The kids who make up a big part of the cast are fantastic and great little actors. Can you tell I like this film yet?

Mum's also been busy in the kitchen, and I've helped in small measures to make some yummy cakes, bread, pizza and more!

Mum made bread, bread subs and rolls and the best thing about these? They are all wheat, dairy and gluten free as my Mum can't eat these things. They all tasted delicious!

Mum also made these delicious baked chicken wings with spicy noodles. I'm lucky that my Mum loves cooking because whenever I go into the kitchen I pick up new skills and ideas for future dinners at university. Next year won't be a slave to the microwave!

I also finally got a photo of the shoes Mum dyed. They were originally beige, now they are...

Navy blue! 
The shoes look brand new, and I'm really excited to wear them in the Winter when it/if it snows.

I also made some more papers, ta-da! 

I hope everyone's having a good Tuesday and does anyone else know where the sun's gone?
Any detective work will be rewarded greatly!
Take care guys.


  1. Wow you have been very busy indeed :) I'm glad that Patch is being tough. I'm lucky that my cats, while small, count as animals that can be treated. If something like a hamster gets a broken leg, there's not much to do but put it out it's misery. As I learned the hard way.

  2. You have been doing some great activities! mmmmm, bread!!!
    A reliable source has told me the sun is in hideout because of a series of streaking (across the sky!)!!
    You should link up to Lakota's Tuesday Ta Dah!

  3. I've never dyed shoes before. Yours came out really well :) x

  4. I'm highly intrigued by the idea of wheat-free bread... I'm sorry to hear Patch has been unwell, I hope he's ok!

  5. I want to try dying shoes, sometime, but I am worried that I would ruin them. Because that would definitely happen to me.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  6. I found the sun over in vancouver! Case closed. Nice post

  7. That bread looks so good! send me some??


  8. Great post !

    Love your flats so much!!

    Just stopped by your blog!
    Loved it instantly so I have no choice but to follow you around!!

    Please feel free to check out my blog if you have the time



  9. Your ideas inspire others because you do things with passion, keep on!


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