Around The World

And the sun is out! Days like these make me imagine soft, sandy beaches in far flung places. Palm trees swaying gently in a calm breeze and crystal clear blue water lapping at the shoreline. It's great, because when the sun comes out all you want to do is put your sunglasses on and head out into the garden or like I do, go for a walk with the sun on your skin! 

Then you have photos like these that just make me want to don an Indiana Jones outfit and head off into the sunset! Camera at hand, cool adventurer style satchel bag, binoculars and a map and go and get lost on a desert island. 

I took this one while on holiday in Cumbria. The tide had gone right out and left this beautifully patterned sand behind.

Or head off to an amazing aquarium and watch the gorgeous fish gliding around. Perfect day trip adventure for the Summer!

Me loving the fish at Bristol Aquarium.

Yep, I'm a big kid and when I think of summer I think of cool things like this - sunny walks, adventuring and slides, haha!

On another note the other day I was flicking through my blogroll and discovered that I am following blogs from virtually all over the world from Jamaica to the Czech Republic. When I first started blogging I was only really following UK and US bloggers, as those were the only blogs I could find as many blogs I was following were mainly fashion and lifestyle blogs, but since I've spent time looking around and searching and checking out the people who've left comments, I've found so many more global blogs and I love it!

I think it's the geographer in me, haha. It means I can live vicariously through other people.

So to all the new bloggers and commenter's who have been leaving comment recently, thank you because I absolutely love meeting new people and it's great discovering new things about the world.

I hope everyone's enjoying the sunshine, take care guys!


  1. Well I know I get visitors from all over the world but I'm not sure about the ones I follow. I don't really get the whole "go out in to the sun" urge. The suns warm, why would people put themselves through that?

  2. I could just run along that beach right now! I love meeting bloggers from all over the world, it's like when I was a child and had penpals! x

  3. OMG that sea cave in Portugal is incredible!!!! Have you been there?

  4. Ohhhh how I love this post,honey!;)

  5. Ah that's really nice! I am ashamed that apart from someone in Germany, Australia, Belgium, Barcelona, and two in Italy, I'm pretty sure all mine are in the UK and US!
    That shark tunnel is MAD!!!!!!!!!!! I love that cave! I want to go there!

  6. OMG these places are sooo nice!


  7. The sun gives me beach walking urges too - luckily it's only 5 mins away for me! I think pretty much everything gives me the urge to travel though, definiteky getting itchy feet lately

  8. Meeting new people from all over the world is definitely the best part of the blogger world!! The sea cave looks very cool, would love to visit there :)



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