Flora and Fauna

All too often I forget how close by wildlife and nature are. Living in a town it can be difficult sometimes to come by the kinds of sights and sounds I saw while living in Bath, but just around the corner from where I live is a lovely little nature reserve and park called, The Blue Lagoon. It makes it sound all mysterious and enchanting but really it's a man-made reserve surrounded by a train line and in the distance you can always hear building works, but from time to time, you can find these lovely little hidden treasures.

These tufty little flowers reminded me of cotton-wool balls! 

Lovely lilac coloured thistle flower.

A gorgeous sea of purple flowers.

I found a whole heap of hidden pathways that I hadn't known about before so I went for a good trek around the park and found wooden walkways over some smaller ponds, lots of reeds and bull-rushes, plenty of butterflies and dragonflies and lots of cute dogs being walked by their owners. I've always found walking relaxing, and it's so good to be out among green things when you're hemmed in by the city all day.  As much as I love the city, I don't think anything beats the countryside and nature.

And on one final note - Is anyone else as addicted to the Olympics as I am? I can't get enough of it at the moment! I have to say watching Carl Hester on Uthopia win the gold medal yesterday was amazing. I used to read about him in the Pony magazine I used to get when I was about 14, haha! 

Hope everyone's having a great week.



  1. Sorry but I'm not watching the Olympics at all. But I do agree nothing beats the great outdoors. They don't call it great for nothing :) I love the purple flowers too. We have some like that near where I live. I don't have too much nature close at hand though :(

  2. I love your photos Natasha! You can't beat the countryside for natural beauty x

  3. Yes love the olympics!
    and even though everyone kinda takes photos of flowers and nature-- these do have something special i really like.


  4. this park sounds magical!! and yes i think we all have been watching non stop!!


  5. Wow, i just love that photo of the clouds!




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