Flower, flower, moth.

Does any one else get dive-bombed by moths as soon as they open their windows on hot, sultry evenings? 
At the moment I'm having to read my books with the light off and using the hallway light instead. Crazy insects...

Mum's wild flowers are coming along nicely and I managed to snap this little moth who was just happily chilling out on the wall downstairs. They're odd little things.

In other news I've had my hair cut so I no longer resemble Cousin It. It's now bob length and I'm going to channel the waviness more often now as I just bought a curling tong! I'm also very happy because my hair is now short enough to tie into bunches then put them into tiny buns so they look like two little Princess Leia buns on either side of my head. I will get a good photo soon as my camera's batteries aren't working very well, I think I need to buy some more expensive ones but the allure of 90p batteries was too much.

I hope everyone's having a good week and it's a Bank Holiday this weekend, so have an awesome one!



  1. flowers make me so happy. pretty pics :-)
    visit me!

  2. What lovely pictures! We're inundated with moths, the cat's go wild for them. x

  3. Moths really scare me, which is kind of silly as I have no problem with butterflies..

  4. I want to see your new hair! I really need to sort mine out!

  5. Beautiful pictures! :)

    Moths seem to be everywhere in the evenings; all someone has to do around here is open the door and one will usually fly in.

  6. lovely photos!!!!


  7. How lovely! And I can't wait to see the hair! Hope you are well!
    I suggest buying a battery charger that comes with 2 batteries- they last for ages adn then you can keep using them- I've been doing that and it's brilliant!

  8. Nah, I get divebombed by mosquitoes which is probably worse.

  9. I hardly ever see them here. Then again I don't really look out my window a whole lot in the evening.
    They're so stunning though!

    Ooh, can't wait to see your Princess Leia hairdo!


  10. Like your photos :) Maybe you wanna follow each other? I will always folow you back!

  11. Moths (and bluebottles) will be the death of me! They're aways buzzing around the house and landing on walls and windows.

    Anna x

  12. Stunning flowers. I love the feeling just after a hair cut you feel light and fresh, especially in summer. Enjoy the rest of the bank holiday! :)



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