Loki's Army and Birthday Parties

Last weekend I had a little get together for my birthday and a few of my friends came around, including one of my house-mate's Helen. I had a lovely time with good food, laughter, presents and good company, including what I may say is THE best present of all time. 

My house-mate Helen bought this for me as well as an L keyring, from DeathNote, a My Neighbour Totoro poster and bracelet, a very cute orange Japanese style kitten clip-purse and a lovely scarf. My best friend Megan also surprised me with a little bag of gifts which included a very pretty badge, a cute cartoon black and white pig coin purse, a bouncy ball with the words, "Special Little Girl", a mobile phone holder and charm, again in Japanese style (can you sense a theme?) and a gorgeous skull candle and blue bow hair clip. My friend Dani also surprised me even more with two Lush bath-bombs, my absolute favourite! She got me Big Blue (which is my favourite one) and Cream Candy Bath which smelt gorgeous and was lovely and pink. 

The lovely Sophie from A Country Girl Does also surprised me with this gorgeous correspondence set. I love the rose detailing! So a big thank you to her as well. 

It was really nice to turn the side-board into a mini drinks bar, and have friends over for food. We had a BBQ which my parents lovingly did for me and there were cakes, crisps and sweets with cider and fizzy drinks afterwords. It was great to catch up with people I hadn't seen for a while and have a nice afternoon in the sun. 

I also wanted to say thank you for all the lovely birthday messages from everyone! I hope you're all having a good week. 



  1. Love the look of the mini bar!

  2. Happy belated birthday, my dear! that's what I call a birthday feast. I shan't show this to Jon or he'll be expecting this on Sunday! xxx

  3. oooh I do love a proper buffet! Sounds like you had a special time :) x

  4. Oh God I love your presents. I would enjoy all of them :) Happy birthday :D I'm more than likely late, if you've already had your party, but better late than never :) It sounds like you had a pretty good day and party :)

  5. Well this looks like a fun time! And seriously, that Loki picture collage is AWESOME. I'm glad you got so many lovely surprises. :o)

  6. love all your pictures! wish i was there! the food looks amazing and the correspondence set is BEAUTIFUL!


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  8. it looks like a great time :)

  9. Happy belated birthday, girly! I LOVE the Loki collage :) Thor is a fantastic movie. My family is really into it.

    I have a question, though! What are those bottles sitting next to all the 2-liters of soda? I'm intrigued! Are they also a type of soda?


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