Olympics and Ladybirds

I know I've said it a hundred times but when the sun sets and the light is refracted and hits the clouds in certain ways, it really is beautiful. 

First of all, how fantastic are Britain doing in the Olympics so far? Olympic Fever didn't really hit me until I was walking around Sainsbury's and saw the mascots and all of the merchandise. It's nice because the whole country is united behind each other and the opening ceremony was amazing. I think the music was the thing that took my breath away the most, especially the opening piece by Underworld, entitled "And I Will Kiss", just gorgeous. Give it a listen below - >

What's been your favourite sporting moment so far?

I snapped this little one while I was gardening. I've never seen a ladybird this shade before!

My Mum's been planting wild flowers and lots of poppy-a-likes have popped up over the past few days. They're a lovely, flame red and add some much needed colour to the patio.

Has anyone been lucky enough to go to the Olympic Village? 

It was one of the redevelopment programmes we looked at at A-level so it has a special place in my heart. I'd love to go and visit it someday. I hope they turn it into something nice after the games are over.

It's Friday guys, have an awesome weekend!



  1. I too am wondering what's going to become of the Olympic village and even the stadium when the games are over and done with. Sunsets are incredibly beautiful :) But I've not been watching the games really.

  2. What beautiful photos! They have cheered me up especially the ladybird :) I've been watching a bit of the Olympics especially the archery as Larry Godfrey is my friends brother! I didn't think I would enjoy the ceremony but it was good!

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  4. That ladybird photo is stunning! I think I must be the only person around not fussed about the olympics hey...

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  6. great photos! love it so much dear:)
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  8. such beautiful pictures, that flower is gorgeous


  9. That one of the ladybug is really cool! =) Thanks for following me, by the way.


  10. beautiful photos again!!! I absolutely agree with you, when the sun set, that is the time the sky is really shinning :)


  11. Wow, that sky is beautiful. You got some great shots.

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  12. very beautiful pictures>3
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  13. i love how ur appreciate nature :3 nice photos, sorry its taken so long to reply to ur letter! i will do soon :)

  14. These are gorgeous pictures. You are such a great photographer. I never get tired of looking at them!

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  15. :D Sunsets are my fav! These are really nice especially with the silhouetted foreground. love that colour of the poppy! Looking forward to reading more :)

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