The Good Things

A lot of articles, blogs and websites have sited using too much social media as a bad thing. But after logging into Facebook today I was instantly cheered up. People share lots of good news on Facebook and while it's important to get the balance right, as with anything, I find seeing my friends and family growing and changing over time quite an inspiring thing. 

University results, good grades, engagements, birthdays and celebrations of all sorts have been shared via Facebook and Twitter, and while I always try and make sure I spend as much time off the computer as on, I am always reminded of how proud I am of my friend and family every time I log online. I've seen friends overcome barrier after barrier to get to where they are today. Witnessed family bring some adorable children into the world and met some amazing people through Blogger who I would class as friends, not just internet friends now.

I think that a lot of bad things get said about spending too much time online, but this is the digital age and a heck of a lot of people I know spend just as much time checking their Twitter feed on their phones or computers as often as they are out and having fun with their friends, so it's getting the balance right, right? :) All I know is that I couldn't be prouder of my friends and family, all their accomplishments, news and views. 

It can be really hard to see the good for the bad sometimes, and these past few years, while tinged with sadness, have been softened by good news and I want everyone to know that it does get better and soon enough, you'll get your break. Take it from someone who went through a good few years of roughness before I found my calling!

Take care guys, enjoy the lovely clear blue skies in this photo and have a great week!

I was happy that the sun was out!


  1. There are times when it is hard to see the good in the bad, but it's always worth doing. It's something I'm not too bad at. At least, when it comes to other people.

  2. Moderation for everything. Too much of anything is a bad thing.

  3. You are wonderful Tasha,

    let's schedule a meet up before too long! x

  4. You have a beautiful soul Tasha! Yes, you make a very good point. I'm not on Facebook for various reasons but I can see the positivity behind it! By the way, you have to check out my cloudshark a couple of posts ago (as a fellow cloud adorer!)
    Hope you are well and it's good to 'hear' from you!

  5. nice photos and post! I like!


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  6. A good thing, a bad thing and with the potential to be a dangerous thing - I really do think it all depends on how you use it BUT I have to admit I am concerned with the younger and younger children who seem to be using such sites many of them with what seems like very little parental knowledge let alone controls.

  7. you have such a nice smile :) i love ur new blog header too :)

  8. I think social media can be a good thing as long as people don't abuse it by updating their statuses every two seconds or anything like that. Social media has helped me keep in touch with friends who have moved around the world and I like that. (:

  9. I'm so envious of that beautiful blue sky, here is already grey and cold :(

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