Field Trip Friday

Yesterday we headed to Bridgewater Bay and Brean Down for a lovely day at the coast, examining coastal defences and the impacts of global warming on the surrounding towns and holiday villages. 

The weather was beautiful once we got onto the beach, but there were hundreds of little black flies that were constantly flying into our hair and eyes, not so great. 

First we visited this very sweet Norman church which is, can you believe it, right next to a sand dune. The dunes migrate backwards so this church has had to be dug out several times to escape being taken over by the sand-dune! 

Then we went onto the beach which was lovely, and you can see the embryo dunes or the ones which start the whole process covered in marram grass along the left of this photo. I'd not visited this area before and it was so pretty and nice to be out of the classroom for a change.

We then walked up the headland to be greeted by these amazing views of the Somerset Levels, Brean Down, the Mendips and you could see Cardiff in the distance along the horizon. It was well worth the steep steps that had everyone exhausted by the time we got to the top. 

Finally we walked back done and along the headland, looking at the coastal defences (you can see the gabions in this one, they're the metal cages filled with small rocks in the bottom right hand corner) and trying to predict how we could protect the residents in the future. 

It was a lovely day and I always enjoy visiting different parts of the UK, especially when they are as pretty as this.

Hope everyone's having a good weekend!


  1. It does look like a really nice view, and I would probably have enjoyed going to that church.

  2. I am so ignorant about all the coastal landscaping that goes on. Your pictures are beautiful, love the footprints in the sand x

  3. Lovely scenery. That's quite interesting that they have to keep making sure the church doesn't get taken over by a sand dune!

    Anna x

  4. Good to hear that you had a lovely day. This place looks incredibly beautiful. I'd love to have more opportunities to go and view lovely scenery like this.

  5. Loving these photos and especially the church.

  6. great photos!!! <33

    have a nice week!

  7. Amazing post!

    2 words.. LOVE IT!



  8. i wish i could vist different parts of uk :3

  9. Looks absolutely scenic but that's possibly because you didn't take a picture of the black flies for us. :P


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