Green Vision and What's Important

This week has been filled with so much that I'm so tired I might just sleep for the next week, but I can't. Bath Spa University donated £2,500 to Green Vision for the Youth Climate Summit which was in one word - fantastic. I worked as a facilitator with about 10 other students and I've never seen so many kids engaged and motivated and inspired to go out and secure the future for our next generation. I also met some awe-inspiring teenagers (I feel so sad I can't count myself in that category any more, wah!) who make me even more determined to continue on this path with geography.

There was also a keynote speaker at the event called Mac who told a wonderful story of his time spent with a Native American tribe on his travels. It was about what we value in life and what is important and it boiled down to - water, or basically, the things we truly need in life. He also spoke about being asked by huge name companies to go and speak to their employees about life, because so many people in big business just chase targets, and forget about themselves. It was just such a powerful message that I felt myself on the verge of tears by the time he'd finished talking and I was so inspired by what he said. As everyone who has read my blog before knows, I've had my fair share of ups and downs, like anyone but the message Mac was preaching of valuing life, your family, your friends, the simple things that we all truly need really had a profound effect on me.

It made me think about how much time I spend worrying, instead of doing. If I put half as much energy into fretting over everything as I did actually getting the things I'm worrying about done, I'd be so happy. I know this seems to have drifted away from climate change but climate change isn't just about turning lights off or using less water, it's also about what and how much we value things, i.e the basics of life water and food. It just had such a big impact on me and I made so many new friends, met some really clever kids and experienced so much, from sitting in a Mongolian yurt to Baka tribal singing (you have got to try this!) It was mind-blowing and I urge anyone who gets an offer to experience something like this, go it's great fun. 

There's so much to tell you all and it can't all be done in one so I'm going to get back to posting my regularly, I promise.

This photo is from a cute little botanical gardens near where my Uncle works. I loved these plants and it's pretty fitting for such a 'green' post I thought!



  1. Well it's good to see you back and nice to see that you've been so busy and inspired. Now go out and use that inspiration :)

  2. You are so passionate about geography and these issues, I find it so so inspiring! I was never bothered about geography (not the most inspiring teachers, unlike my history teachers who were awesome!) until my PGCE where we had a tutor who was sooooooooooo passionate about it and taught it so well, I realised what I had been missing all these years and became really psyched about geography!


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