Fireworks and Spiderlings!

First of all I have to say I'm sorry I've not been blogging more often, with my assignments due in soon I've been really neglectful of the blog, so forgive me and please do come back! At the weekend I went to Bath's Firework display in town with Immy and Polly, which was good fun, but they didn't seem as good as last years display. It seemed to fly by in a matter of seconds!

I also dressed up as a spider for Halloween, complete with cobwebs and badly pencilled on make-up!

My house-mates Livi on the left and Helen on the right also dressed up in spectacular fashion! Livi was a zombie bunny (re-using her ears from our other house-mates Playboy Party) and Helen went as a wild savage, with these cool eye contacts, lots of bandages and blood! 

I wanted to use the black fabric on my headband as it had spiders and webs on it, so I thought, save some money and do something a bit different. I bought a cobweb for about 50p and then lots of little plastic spiders for 40p. I then just curled my hair and piled it up and then went!

It's also been lovely to get some Winter sunshine on campus. It makes the early mornings and frosty days more bearable. 

Hope everyone's well!


  1. I do love a good fireworks display :) and the costume looks great. I went to my sisters for fireworks, it was okay. Except for when a rocket went off course and just missed the kids.

  2. Oooh, nice fireworks, I missed them ALL this year! Your costume is briliant though I am freaked out by your friend on the right- contacts other than clear really scare me!!! Nice to hear of you!

  3. Lucky you, I couldn't dress up this year.

    Though I agree, assignments are killing my ability to blog as well.

  4. Loving your Halloween costumes. I love fireworks but I'm afraid they are only to be viewed from a window as my asthma and lots of smoke do not a good mix make. Good luck with those assignments.

  5. beautiful fireworks photos :-)
    the halloween outfit's amazing too!!

    Francesca xo


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