Jack Frost!

Snow isn't normally what you'd expect at the beginning of November, but last weekend Immy and I woke up to a blanket of snow outside. Granted it didn't last long but it was fun and of course got me feeling all Christmassy immediately. 

I got the bus into work and was greeted with snow-capped hills in the distance. How lovely! I was in my element and had to get some photos.

I really love the snow and as the fog descended over the hills in the distance it looked like a scene from early January, rather than November! Please, weather, more of this!

This was what greeted me as I walked over the bridge towards work. I love home and Milton Keynes, but Bath does have it's truly lovely moments.

Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. I absolutely love snow and it's always nice to see it.

  2. I found it so odd that Bath got snow and Bristol missed it! xo

  3. Yeah snow wouldn't be so bad if it came in small amounts.

    And didn't make driving so dangerous.

  4. This makes me want to be there!! SNow is one of my favorite things on earth!!

  5. I do like snow but always feel so sorry for the birds. Fog is one of my favourite things, something which most people loathe. I would dearly love to walk around Bath on a foggy morning.

  6. i love snow, I havent had anyt yet :( \i cant wait or it though ^^ also i love the photos :)

  7. Great photos, we have also had snow here in Newcastle where we seem to have had no summer, missed autumn and gone straight to winter.

  8. great photos!!!
    have a nice week!


  9. Oh you're so lucky!! Snow is a non-existent thing here... I've only ever seen it in person once.


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