Christmas Break!

I always get really sad when the decorations have to come down after Christmas day but if it happened every day then it wouldn't be special any more. Christmas day was as lovely as ever, filled with lots of family jokes, good food and presents. It was also doubly special this year as our fireplace is in working condition  so having the living room warmed by the flames was like being transported to a desert with the heat coming off of it!

I got lots of lovely gifts, and now have plenty of writing sets for my pen-pals including one from Sophie from Country Girl Does Norfolk, so I'll be writing away when I don't have work to do at university. I also got The Avengers which immediately sent me into a frenzy because it was possibly my favourite film of 2012 as well as The Hunger Games, Snow White and the Huntsman and Super 8, so I'm set for films too! 

Have to say though, one of my favourite presents was this Spongebob Squarepants bubble-bath - brilliant!

I also loved trying out Lush's glitter bar from a winter themed gift set from Lush which I got and made my cheeks look like I'd been walking through a fantasy wonderland. 

I'm also loving the star shaped soap from Lush at the moment - very cute! 

My final favourite thing of the moment? My new top from Primark, there are patterned birds and there's a peter pan collar - full marks. 

On New Year's Eve I had a teensy bit of champagne and saw in the new year with my family watching Jools' Annual Hootenanny, which is always good fun and where I end up finding loads of new music for the year, and having finally got a new phone which does more than just text and call (though I will always love my little basic phone) I've been using Lomogram like it's going out of business. 

So Happy New Year everyone and I hope everyone also had a lovely Christmas and is looking forward to the rest of January - hopefully the Winter sun we've been having will stay with us for a while. I've got work experience with The Park's Trust to look forward to this year as well as edging ever closer to the final year and dissertation so if anyone can shed some light on how to plan it out then that would be much appreciated.

Have a good weekend everyone, I'll be back in Bath on Sunday so the updates might be a little sporadic as I settle back into work but I'll try not to leave them too far apart.



  1. Yes I always get sad when the Christmas tree come down as well! Have a Happy New Year my wonderful friend :)

  2. I'm glad you had such a wonderful Christmas, and I agree that a fire makes a perfect touch to a Christmas day. The gifts are lovely too. Though I think the Spongebob thing is probably my favourite. I'm biased though :)

  3. Aha, I also got a writing set from Sophie (also my penpal!) I always feel sad about the decorations too- mind you, I am such a slattern that my Christmas cards stayed up until July on top of my bunting- isn't it terrible that I left them up that long!
    Re the dissertation, I was extremely lucky that I chose to write mine on an opera that was being premiered 9 months before the dissertation was due so I had to do quite a bit of my research at that time. Then my tutor demanded 1000 words every two weeks from me, from October- if you can, break it up into a plan/chunks, what the various areas will be and write a set amount a week like that, it really helped me, she checked and rechecked it for me and so by the Easter holidays when everyone was panicking like hell, I'd written 11,000 out of my 14,000words and knew that what I had written was ok! (I even won a prize for it!!!) Though,whether contemporary British opera has any bearing on a Geography degree is anyone's guess!x

  4. I watched Jools' (as is customary each New Years) too. I didn't find it as good as usual but it was fun nevertheless. Sounds like you had a nice christmas and yes; putting away christmas decorations is the pits.

    Anna x

  5. Sounds like you had a nice holiday. Good to hear! I definitely agree that it's borderline heartbreaking when the time comes to take down the tree ("trees" in my case, lol). I FINALLY took mine down, but not without making it known that I was unhappy about having to do so. I have a personal connection with my pretty Christmassy things! lol.

  6. It is great ot hear that you had a lovely Christmas. I adore your new top. The collar is perfect and the print is so sweet.

  7. I had a wondrous Chrimble too! It is rather sad when you have to take down the decorations and such, but at least in our house we still have a bit of Chrimble choccy left over. The Lush thing look lovely, as does the top! And there's nothing nicer than a roaring fire on a dark night, huh? Hope you have a fabulous year!

  8. I really want to cover my face in glitter now! x

  9. Sounds like you had a great Christmas. The spongebob bubble bath sounds great.


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