Winter has a kind of ethereal beauty that no other season can really match. Spring is filled with new life - flowers, baby animals and April showers; Summer is warm with sunlight pouring through the tree-tops and it's the most relaxed part of the year for me; Autumn is fantastically coloured, leaves everywhere for the amusement of children and adults alike and the promise if warm coats and tea as the nights draw in, but there is something about Winter that sets it apart, and then I realised - it's the snow!

My house-mates and I woke up to a thick blanket of snow on Friday and much to our amusement, uni was also shut for the day, meaning we could go off in search of more photos and...a spare house key to get back in with. Yup, we'd only just set foot outside our house, into the back garden when the door swung shut and we all realised with dread that none of us had our keys and the latch on the back door was down, meaning we were locked out. Oh bugger...

So off we all trekked on what I liked to think was a mini adventure, this is Helen, Livi and Immy l-r, in this calf height snow, all freezing, to get the spare key from Roman City. It was snow fun I can tell you. (I needed to put that bad joke in because I was laughing to myself about it later that afternoon. Forgive me for bad puns.) But it was all good in the end as we got our key and got safely back inside, in the warmth. Bliss. It was also lovely to walk through Bath and see the whole city transformed into a Narnia-esque world.

Happy Snow Fun everyone!



  1. Yes, it paints a luminescent layer of beauty over everything- the mundane becomes kingly- that is until it becomes mushy and disgusting underfooot! How inconsiderate the postman was this morning in putting his big footprints into my front-drive's blanket of pure white!!!
    Lovely pictures- I like your grey beret too!x

  2. Oh, man, I'm absurdly jealous. EVERYONE is posting snow-encrusted things. And I am sitting here in the knowledge that earlier today we got about twenty minutes of snow that did not lie and was only distinguishable from rain because it flecked your hair. Ugh. Scotland. What a despicable country to live in.

  3. looks like you had a blast in the snow :) x

  4. there is something about snow that makes the world seem so calm and peaceful x

  5. Well I'm glad you were able to find a spare key! Snow is one of the things that really makes Winter beautiful and I'm glad we got some. Even if it was a little late.

  6. Pictures and blog are absolutely beautiful. I really wish we'd have some snow in Seattle...not much this winter. Thanks for following my blog! I'm following you now too ^_^!


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