Time and Ducks

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you've all spent today doing lots of eggciting things (haha!) and enjoyed yourselves.

Tomorrow my brother turns 20 - the thought of this makes me feel a little weird as it only feels like yesterday we were getting up at 7am to play games in his bedroom for hours before Mum and Dad got up. Now he's an adult, heading off to university and doing all this cool stuff and I'm freaking out because next year is dissertation year, and not only do I still have to decide on which modules I'll be taking but I'm now thinking about my future career prospects, as well as thinking about data collection and heading out into the big, bad world...eek.

My problem is that I want to do everything - from aquarium assistant, zoo keeper, librarian, doctor, veterinary nurse, counsellor and beyond I have wanted about 10 different careers at one point or another. So I was wondering,  how on Earth did you fall into your current job? Is it your dream job and if so how did you go about getting it? 

I'm still on my work placement and loving ever second - these two came over to say hello while I was at the bird feeding station. 

This was the view from our bathroom window just before I came home to MK - I am longing for the sun to come back out and play! 

The seagulls out and about during my placement last week.

Daffodils - Spring must be close!

Two more ducks who followed me around for a while while doing my data collection.

The same couple of ducks that followed me - I'd like to think I made two new friends last week :)

Hopefully the sun will come out soon! It did look promising this morning when I woke up. Here's hoping *crosses fingers*

Hope everyone has had a lovely day!



  1. What are you studying? :)

  2. your brother was born on april fools day? My nephew will turn 4 tomorrow, I don't know if he knows about the holiday yet, but he will.

  3. Well unless you count being a writer I don't exactly have a job but you do need to decide it seems. Have a really good think about what you want to do some much you're going to dedicate time and money to it. I've wanted to be a fair few things in my time but when I thought about them properly the list got smaller and smaller until two things were left; Writer, and psychiatrist.

  4. What gorgeous photos! I love the geese saying hi!
    My job took a lot of thought. I got my first proper job (as opposed to temping) at the Royal Academy of Music and then I did some church work as well as my job involving the education program which made me think about being a teacher but I fought against it for a long while until I realised actually, yes, I did want to be a teacher!x

  5. DUCKS! I love these photos, I hope you had a wonderful Easter x

  6. Happy birthday to your brother!! I hope you had a great Easter :)

  7. Great shots, those geese sure look rather hungry.

  8. Beautiful photos, the ducks are so sweet! Hope you had a great easter.

  9. I'm sure your job will come to you. I studied marketing so I always knew I wanted to go down that route and applied for a million jobs before I got my current one! Took me a little while to get there but it will happen!

    Hope you had a lovely Easter!


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