Bath in Bloom

The weather is gorgeous and sunny, the flowers are out in the garden and it is getting towards the end of the year, wahoo! I only have one more assignment and two exams to go until I am finished for my second year in a row. It's tough work but I am loving every second and that is what counts :)

Walking out into the garden at the moment you're surrounded by lots of pretty tulips and flower bushes. The colours are amazing and I love this time of year when all the plants are in bloom. The whole of Bath seems to have woken up overnight and now all the trees are blossoming and getting buds on their branches ready for the Summertime! There are also lots of adorable calves and lambs back on campus which has got me smiling every time I walk down to my lectures. 

This was the view from the computer room in Corston, where all the geographers go to, yesterday. It's lovely to be able to look outside and see the sun shining.

This was the sunset on the walk home in the evening on Thursday. Gorgeous rays of sunlight and a lovely, balmy evening. Bath is a lovely place to study, I do love it. 

I hope everyone has a lovely Bank Holiday Weekend and to all my penpals I have to apologise because I have been really rusty with replying and sending letters out but I promise that I will rectify this. 



  1. I think the lovely weather will help you get those assignments done. Once they are you can go out and enjoy it some more!

  2. Such lovely flowers! I am so behind with letters, will be writing to you very soon x

  3. Pretty pretty pretty! And I love the view of town from your garden.
    I'd like to sit among the flowers and drink tea!

  4. I love tulips; the people across the road have a small patch of bright red ones poking up through a larger patch of grape hyacinth and dotted through with dandelions, it looks lovely. I am sure they have kept the dandelions as they look so pretty against the purple.

  5. I have missed you! So pretty, I love tulips and how gorgeous the pops of colour look against the grass.

  6. Better than over here, it's just raining.


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