Flowers, Clouds and Spiders.

Ever since my exams came around I don't think I picked up my camera until I came home again, so it's been really nice to start using it, although I do have to say that I am missing my old camera quite a bit - my dream for a Go-Pro might be a little far-fetched at the moment but my cute, little Olympus was perfect in my eyes...ah, c'est la vie! Still, I managed to get some nice photos this afternoon of Mum's chives which have just exploded overnight like little purple bloom bombs! 

Suffice to say the bees adore them and have been buzzing around them all week-long. 

Everyone knows about my cloud obsession and for those among you who also can't get enough of them, Mark Beresford's World's Weirdest Weather programme on Channel 4 about wind was brilliant, including some amazing sights of ghostly looking spectres in the sky and clouds shaped like faces and dragons! It should be available on catch-up if anyone is interested. It definitely satisfied my cloud love! 

Those clouds looked perfect for surfing! 

And last but not least, I found this one scuttling around the compost bin lid because I was curious to see how the composting was going, before being surprised by this little creepy crawly. 

I've never seen a spider here in the UK before like this and it was fairly big for a spider you'd find in your garden...even I was a little frightened! There were lots of egg sacks and other spiders hanging around so it seems that compost bins are prime real estate for spiders. 

I hope everyone's having a good week. It's really humid and muggy over here at the moment - I feel a storm coming! 



  1. Some amazing captures heer as always Natasa. As far as that spider goes though...EEK!!!

  2. I'd hate to see that spider in my house

  3. You make me realise how pretty and beautiful clouds can be.

  4. wow you take amazing pictures! I especially like the one with the spider :) hope you did well on your exams!

    by the way, you've got a great blog :) I'm one of your newest followers on GFC :D
    you're welcome to follow me back if you want



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