Summer Sun

After what has been a long but extremely interesting couple of months, my second year of university has finished and I'm looking forward to enjoying some well deserved time off! I'm envisaging myself lying in the back garden, a cold glass of coke and ice and a good book by my side! Ahhh, freedom! As soon as I got home I went straight outside and enjoyed the sunshine, which has been a welcome break from the rain and the chill we had last month. 

I'm becoming a little obsessed with contrails now as well as clouds...


Blue skies and fluffy clouds.

 There was a gorgeous pink sky yesterday evening.

After what seemed like a very long and cold Winter, the recent warm, dry days have been so nice to come home to, and reading in the garden is blissful after a month of revision! Next door's cat, Prince, has become a regular visitor to the garden and likes to strike a pose for me when I've got my camera out as you can see above! 

How has everyone been enjoying the warm week we've had? 



  1. That is quite a bright sunshiny view. It's been kinda mixed up here but we're getting more sun than rain these days.

  2. Gorgeous photos Tasha, love the buttercup x

  3. Your lovely photos are making me smile x

  4. Prince looks quite content there :) lovely captures my friend!!

  5. Lovely pictures. Just when I thought June had brought the summer along, today is cold and rainy.

  6. Such great photos.


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  8. That cat looks like he is enjoying life! I bet you're so pleased the end of term has come, it's SUCH a good feeling.

  9. Gorgeous photos, that sky is beautiful!

    Maria xxx


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