You're never too old for fairytales!

From a young age I have been completely enamoured by anything fantastical from fairies to mermaids, vampires and werewolves. It's an odd fascination which has meant I am constantly gravitating towards books, films and artwork which depicts anything magical. I have a feeling it's me holding onto the inner child inside and that's just fine! The promise of the nemesis being taken down by the hero or heroine always fills me with hope and there is nothing better than curling up on the sofa or lying down in the garden with a good book which is pure escapism. 

 I hope I don't lose that view of the world that I have as I get older. Of course I'm realistic and don't believe there are fairies waiting at the bottom of my garden for me but I do carry with me a sometimes whimsical view of the world, which I think is good for me as it gives me hope when things are tough and looking bleak, particularly at the moment but it always promises one thing to me - I know that I can face down my own dragons! 

I think this quote by Neil Gaiman pretty much sums it up for me. 

“Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.”

I took this photo of the very old looking key in our bathroom that always reminds me of the Secret Garden. I thought it was fairly apt!


  1. You need to keep that whimsical view and it would definitely help if you believed fairies might be at the bottom of your garden. You never know.

  2. Never ever lose that view. It leads to living life in the happiest/most magical way possible. I strongly believe that. :)

  3. That quote is cool and I really like fairytale too though can't stand anything vampiric!x

  4. thanks for the follow :) it's good that you still keep a whimsical view of the world, I barely know anyone who does that anymore (aside from kids?). and I really like that quote of Neil Gaiman, thanks for sharing! :D


  5. I like the fantastical, magical thing too - secret societies, vampires etc, really gets my imagination going wild!

  6. So true. I love it that you think this way. Lately I have been quite fascinated by unicorns and Disney Princesses. I probably always will be.

  7. Or you can play Skyrim and yell at a dragon until it dies.

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