Summery Walks, Bats and Damselflies!

Last week I took a quick walk down to the Blue Lagoon, but in the heat and without me being intelligent and forgetting to take my hay fever tablet and eye-drops that morning I didn't stay long - the air must have been crowded with pollen! However, I did get to see some very pretty damselflies but they were too quick for my camera. I did manage to snap this little guy on this rather lovely flower though.

Walking through here you wouldn't be mistaken for thinking this was somewhere deep in the countryside as opposed to right in the middle of an urban town! When I was walking through here last time I did feel like I was Alice in Wonderland disappearing down the rabbit hole - it's like a hidden glen!

 It was so nice to sit here and enjoy the warm weather, listening to all the birds and catching a glimpse of rabbits every now and then. 

I was also very lucky to see the local bats flying around at dusk a few nights ago and even managed to get a short video but unfortunately when I watched it back, the bats were no more than little black blips and in the last few bits of sunlight were hardly visible so I can't show you! Sad Tasha :( 

 Also this is the perfect weather for driving around with your headphones on and the windows down - such a nice Summer feeling!

I hope everyone's enjoying the weather!



  1. I'm not a massive fan of the summery weather, BUT I do like the idea of bats. I still really want to see if I'd actually be able to stand in a swarm of them because I know they never actually touch you.

  2. We're not having much of a summer here. Just rain rain rain.

  3. I love the summer weather, though I am not so fond of the huge amount of moths that come in and hang around me the whole time, I swear they heat seek me. I like hover-flies too, one perched on my finger once, that was lovely :)

  4. Beautiful photos! I adore the 'Alice down the rabbit hole' pathway - gorgeous!

  5. LOVE the photos - especially the reflections off of the water. Amazing. What song are you listening to on those headphones?? :)

  6. I adore bats! We have a few flitting about our garden, once one came in through the sash window in the lounge and it took Jon 6 hours to get him back out! How fabulous is this weather? xxx

  7. Its so lovely to be in the natures lap..
    Keep in touch

  8. Sounds like me. Except that even with anti-histamines I still get congested and itchy-eyed.


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