Flamingoes, Butterfles & Sunshine

Yesterday my friends and I headed on over to Chessington World of Adventures for an awesome day out, filled with lots of screaming and giggling in equal measure. The highlight of the day (for me at least) was seeing these gorgeous flamingos at the Zufari. The Zufari, a new ride they've introduced for 2013, takes you on a mini-safari around the griaffes, sitatungas, rhinos and zebras. Anything involving animals is always my favourite, so I was in my element. However, there is a hidden twist which I won't reveal for those of you who may end up going in the near future!

I did have my camera on me but I didn't end up taking many photos on the day because we were all constantly hopping from one ride to another, but the weather was lovely and so hot too! Perfect for theme parks.

This lovely sunset last week reminded me of Summer's spent reading in the garden all day and enjoying the hot weather.

I also found these two little beauties on a flower at Woburn Safari Park last week - there were hundreds of butterflies and a large hornet which I gave a very wide berth to, but these two were happy enough to sit and soak up the sun.

Hope you're all having a lovely week!



  1. I have never ridden a roller coaster in my life. I think I should start off with something a little less intimidatig than that particular roller coaster lol :)

  2. I do love animals. When I was on holiday we went to a seal sanctuary. We go every year but I still always love seeing the animals and all the flowers and everything. It's awesome.

  3. cool photo of the flamingos

  4. You like flamingos too! I myself adore them. The only roller coaster I have ever been on was a child's one and that scared me silly, I really am not one for speed!

  5. Very beautiful photos ;)

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  6. Sounds like a fantastic time, I love the vibrant photos too!

  7. I really dislike the pirate ship - I've never been keen because I hate that stomach-flipping feeling!

  8. Lovely photos. I think flamingos are so cool. Thanks very much for your letter.I just received it. I'll write back to you ASAP.


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