Lemur Love

Last Thursday I went to Woburn Safari Park courtesy of my lovely friend, and it was so much fun to be back at a zoo again! It's been a good few years since I've been to one so I took a lot of photos but I knew I'd have to share the lemur's first because they were both adorable and energetic.

This is a red fronted lemur. The park have four different species, two of which I'd never seen before!

The black and white ruffed lemurs were definitely my favourites, they are so adorable.

Everyone's favourites, the ring-tailed lemurs; King Julian himself for all the Madagascar fans out there!

Unfortunately I didn't get to take a photo of the red bellied lemur as she had a little baby with her so seemed to be harder to track amongst the others, but she was just as cute and it was so sweet to see the baby with Mum. I think lemurs are lovely and it was so nice to see them feeding and play-fighting with each other. 



  1. Oh my gosh they're adorable!!! I love lemurs. I would love to visit this place someday. Maybe I'll go to Madagascar to see them in the wild :)

  2. How gorgeous are they?! I love lemurs and you've captured their cheeky spirit perfectly! x

  3. Lemurs are one of my favourite animals, I was once adopted three from a sanctuary as a birthday gift, they were red ruffed and their names were Inky, Perky and Blue. Your photos are gorgeous, thank you for sharing xxx

  4. OOOh how cute are them!!

  5. Wow how amazing. The striped tails are quite something, so fluffy. The black and white ones are especially cute.

  6. Ahhhh I've just been to the zoo here this week too, love it. And how gorgeous are lemurs? You've got some great shots here :)

  7. I love lemurs! I must go to this place, I didn't even know it existed! Thanks for sharing :) XX


  8. Thank you
    adopt a lemur


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