Let the fun begin!

So the last couple of days have been a mixture of AHHH, OH MY GOD, IT'S ALL GOING SO FAST, HOW ARE WE BACK HERE SO SOON? etc. but actually it's really cool to be back and I can't wait to get stuck into work, even though I know that sounds ridiculous after three months break. We even got new mattresses delivered and it is like lying on a giant marshmallow!

I've been feeling a little pensive lately, thinking about a lot of things and ending up in that horrible cycle of replaying scenes over in my head where in the end I just want to hide in my duvet all day. So I've come to the realisation that if something is out of my control, that I cannot worry anyway because there is actually nothing I can physically do about it! It probably won't stick very long but I'm training myself to be less anxious each day and though it's hard it is worth it because life should be enjoyed and I have already spent so much time, particularly at university, worrying about things which are pretty minuscule. 

So here's to the third year and here's to banishing anxiety! 

I made this a few weeks ago and I need to remind myself that life is for living, especially in this last year.

Hope you're all doing well!



  1. I love your introspection here Natasha! That'll take you very far :)

    Here's to a wonderful third year for you :)

  2. this is the year we WILL meet up for coffee in Bath! x

  3. You've got the right attitude, Tasha!
    Make YES your favorite word. ;)

  4. Great attitude! I worry insanely about little things and get really cross with myself!! Tasha, thank you for the lovely letter but you didn't give me a return address so please can you email me with it!!! X

  5. OMG SOMETIMES I WANNA HIDE IN MY DUVET TOO! high five! but yeah we shouldn't do that, we gotta keep optimistic and know that this too shall pass. You got a good attitude girl! I'm happy you made use of this time to realise more important things like "life is for living" and such. :) so... that calls for another high five! *highing the five* WOOHOO!! LIFE IS AWESOME!!


  6. Oh my gosh - the new mattress sounds heavenly! I bet it's hard to resist not to sit on your bed and do work. I used to have such a bad habit of doing that and then would promptly, lean back, 'rest my eyes' and then fall asleep!!

  7. I wouldn't mind hiding in a divine mattress right now:) Good luck with the new third year - enjoy it for what it's worth! It sometimes goes by too quick.

  8. Life is for living - such a great quote. I have to put this somewhere to see it every day!


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