Round 3 and Moving!

It's that time of year again! I'm on my way back to Bath tomorrow for my third and final year which will probably involve a lot of crying, stress and hard work, but it's an adventure so I wouldn't want to miss it for the world! Cue happy-excited-nervous Tasha!

It's also quite a sad day for me tomorrow as it will be the last night I ever spend in the house that I've lived in for the past 16 years - since I was about 7 years old, so it's a little emotional for me but life is not without it's bitter-sweet moments and moving always means exciting new adventures for the future so I take the bad with the good. 

What I will miss most about the house though will definitely be the garden. I've spent so much time in it and I wont't forget all the good memories - particularly listening to music for hours on end in the sunshine and sometimes the rain as you can see above! 

A tiny little mushroom I found yesterday, with added even tinier mushrooms beneath it!
My favourite thing about this tree was the way the light filtered through the leaves during the Summer months. 
I liked the way the clouds reflected in the windows but you can't see it as well as I had hoped in this photo!

A much bigger mushroom to accompany the little one!
There was a gorgeous sunset yesterday evening too.
Brilliant sunlight and blue skies - a nice send off I think!

So au revoir Number 28 - it's been a blast!

I hope you all enjoy your Sunday's and to anyone else returning to university this weekend, safe journey!



  1. I've lived in the same house when I was 2. If I ever do move, I might be more happy than sad.

  2. I hope your new place is just as good as the old one. I was sad when I had to move out and I hadn't been living in my old house for anywhere close to 16 years. I wasn't even sixteen at the time. I did come to quite like the new house though.

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  4. Goodluck with moving, you'll be fine :)
    I love that photo of the 'clear skies' with the sun reflecting off the lens - it's the type of thing people would use as their wallpaper.
    I also have to say I love your hair color :p mine is so boring, I've always wanted red hair.

    Goodluck again, and enjoy!


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  5. All change, I hope the move is ok, are they moving when you've gone? x

  6. I really don't like moving, it always upsets me and I often cry! I hope your move is a smooth one and good luck with your third year.

  7. Wow Natasha, it's so nice to read all this excitement! I've been a bit blue for a while, but reading your post has helped me to change the point of view, and try to worry less too and try to enjoy life as much as possible, without worrying too much about those things I can't really control!

    Thanks lady, and good luck for your third year!


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