Right now masquerade, master the merry go round!

After the week I have had (in three words - stressful, hard and disappointing) I think I need this little, creative outlet otherwise I fear I shall go mad! There is a lot I haven't updated you guys on so expect lots of posts over the next few days as I begin my Dissertation Journey...terrified doesn't even cover it.

So it was Halloween last week and I adorned myself with a mask, white face-paint and ghostly, hollowed out cheeks for a fun night at the SU, where of course we all danced to Thriller and Ylvis' The Fox - if you haven't heard that song yet, be careful, it's both catchy and a bit terrifying. 

I also made these cute little paper ghosts for my house-mates.

The one on the fair right with the red ribbon is mine :)

I love getting into the Halloween spirit. My house-mate Immy carved a Jack Skellington pumpkin and it was awesome! I don't think I'll ever get tired of carving pumpkins for Halloween, it's too much fun.

Hope you're all having a wonderful Bonfire Night guys!



  1. I love your makeup/costume Tasha! x

  2. Hey!!! Cool costume!!! Good luck with the dissertation!!!x

  3. You look incredible, great make-up and mask! x

  4. Good to hear your are going to keep on posting, intense photo.


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