Wintertime, birds and the Snow Ball!

I was genuinely perplexed when December rolled around this year. What is usually the longest term at university has turned out to be the quickest and already we've had the Snow Ball, our Secret Santa and a delicious Thanksgiving Style Dinner from my first year house-mate Laura! Where does the time go?!

For a nice break from my dissertation which is looking at the effects of climate change on the UK's garden birds I sat down and draw a cardinal as they're one of my favourite birds. 

It isn't a good winter if the colourful patterned scarf doesn't come out at least once!

Advent calendar this year was courtesy of Immy's lovely Mum!

Decorating my room in Bath is never a big deal for me unfortunately. Although I wish I had more time to get into it the snowman flipbook, the Christmas teddy and the tinsel always make an appearance.

And then it was the Snow Ball! The DJ this year came from Komedia, a brilliant venue in Bath which has a night on every Saturday called Motor City, playing motown music - it is brilliant and I was loving every second of it. Our friend Anna from first year was also playing with her band, which was lovely and it's always so nice to be reunited with the people who lived with you every day in first year, especially as workload and being in house has meant that we don't always see as much of eachother as we'd like to. 


I had a brilliant time with my house-mates, and enjoyed having a night off to go out and dance! It's always a good stress reliever, especially when there is lots of work on.

Has anyone else had their annual university ball or work party yet?



  1. A snow ball certainly sounds like a lovely thing to attend.

  2. I missed my work party, I'm pretty gutted! xo

  3. OOoh, how do you curl your hair like that? So pretty! Wish I could do that. I am hopeless with my hair! Your cardinal is beautifully drawn, I always find sketching such a stress reliever!x

  4. That little bird is so sweet! Sounds like a fun time was had by all:)

  5. Glad you had a fab time - Christmas has come round so quickly but I am fully embracing it! Hope you have a lovely one!


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