Campus Love!

Early starts on my uni campus mean you can catch a glimpse of the morning mist and frost before the sun rises and you can warm up! I don't know about anyone else but it has been so chilly here in Bath, and it's been raining every day so much so that the River Avon had risen up to the tops of the banks either side and looked as if it was going to spill over into the roads and fields.

My house-mate Polly and I tried to get some closer photos of the fog in the distance, but it wasn't happening, the view from the top is lovely though as you can see across to the village of Corston and the surrounding fields.

This is the back of Main House and it's such a nice, Georgian-style building that I'll really miss it come the end of the academic year. 

I really loved the way these branches were so gnarled and twisted they looked like arms out of a story. It's so nice in the summer too when all the leaves have grown back as you walk down to the lake and there's a canopy of green all around you, so nice. I will definitely miss this place next year!

And to finish off the day a lovely rainbow!

Hope everyone is having a lovely week. My group got out presentation marks back for our final lot of group work and we all got Firsts! Yay!



  1. A first is awesome!!!!
    Bath uni is so pretty!!! Wish I'd home to a pretty Uni but both my undergrad and postgrad were nasty London buildings! X

  2. Aah, so beautiful!

    And congrats on your presentation marks xo

  3. Some truly amazing and breathtaking pictures. I love the picturesque morning scenery in the first few pics and that rainbow is absolutely marvelous.

  4. The campus is looking lovely and you have captured it so well :) x

  5. Congratulations! And I love the light and trees - and of course rainbow - you've captured here, such a gorgeous part of the world:)


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