Mapping Like Mad!

For most of this week I've been creating maps for the charity Potential Plus UK as part of one of my university modules which involved a voluntary work placement. In between mapping I've found myself really enjoying the #100HAPPYDAYS Project and the 365 Project and am actually thankful I decided to do them this year - they're making me think, creatively, of where to look for good photos and to make me realise the good in each day too. 

It's been raining most days here and seeing all the flooded fields in Somerset and the damaged done along Dawlish, it was nice to see some sunshine after the rain today.

Sadly there wasn't a rainbow today but the way the sunlight reflects off the raindrops always looks pretty.

Currently I am absolutely loving BBC's new series Musketeers - it is the perfect type of escapism in-between studying. I also finally got around to watching Wreck-It Ralph today too, such a cute film!

Hope everyone's had a lovely weekend.



  1. It sounds like a great volunteer project you're doing and a cool way to use your skills! I love the idea of finding the good in each day - lovely light throughout these captures:)

  2. What a wonderful project it sounds like. You are always so giving! I love the raindrops on the windows in these pics :)

  3. Glad you see such positivity in life Tasha!X

  4. Sounds like fun. Love the pictures.

  5. There's beauty in rain as well as sun - just that sometimes it's hard to see that when you're really really wet and cold! The map placement project sounds interesting :-).


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