Bring Your Own Sunshine

I was inspired to do something creative, so yesterday found some time for a little drawing which was the inspiration behind this blog title.

I always find myself feeling a lot happier when I've had the chance to do something creative, be it writing short stories, painting or drawing, it always makes me feel good. 

 Most of my days are being spent like this now, accompanied by tea, my lamb slippers (courtesy of my lovely house-mate) and my window wide open to let the spring breeze in. I wouldn't change my time at university for the world and I will miss this view a lot next year. 

I was also very pleased because I found my first ever bee fly yesterday!

This little one was buzzing around, flew past me and landed on the grass. It looked like he/she was sunbathing. Lovely to start seeing all the insects coming out for spring now.

I hope everyone is well and thank you for bearing with me through these blogging lulls!


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