Naturally Beautiful

There is something lovely about rain when you're in a woodland setting like this. These trees on campus border a little lane which runs behind Main House, and after jumping off the bus and running to get some cover, my friend and I got to them just in time before the rain fell. We'd forgotten our umbrellas unfortunately! 

Thankful for these trees on campus, I love the way they've become slightly covered in a green dusting. 

I could very easily live in the middle of a forest - the trees are so calming. 

No two tree trunks ever look the same, and if you look close enough, they always appear to have faces twisted into the bark - like something out of a fairytale.

Forests and trees have the ability to be both eerie and pretty at the same time.

 This was taken a couple of days before, and the sun was filtering through the leaves and it felt like the middle of spring!

Moments before I took this photo there had been squirrels chasing each other, blue tits, robins and blackbirds as well as a few pied wagtails flitting about and it really felt like spring was here. 

This little pathway has become one of my favourite parts of the campus - you feel like you've been transported to another place because it's shrouded from the campus itself and runs alongside the lake - so it' serene and peaceful. 

Hope you're all having a lovely week!



  1. You've captured some of the beauty and mystery of forests in just a few trees on campus. Most people would have been running with their heads down if they'd forgotten their umbrellas, and their lives would be the poorer (if a little less damp) for it.

  2. what lovely photos, this time of year is beautiful for nature xx

  3. This is really scenic and beautiful. I love your pictures and the way you write. The combination of the two describes the essence perfectly.

  4. What a lovely place to study and how nice to take a moment to appreciate it!

  5. I can almost feel the cool air of the forests, and I love that you stopped to 'smell the roses' as it were (smell the forest:) - wonderful glimpses!


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