Sky Watch

Our little garden in Bath has sprung into action. I went outside to take a photo of the sky because it was such a clear blue and found these lovely white flowers on one of the trees.

Now that Spring is here I'm hoping that there will be more bees and butterflies out and about.

It was such a clear day, and as usual, I was outside staring at the clouds!

And watching the seagulls glide about.

Then in the evening, this happened! I loved the colours so much. 

I hope everyone is having a good week - I've not been as active with blogging due to my dissertation but hopefully I can find some time during the week to catch up with all your lovely blogs, promise!



  1. Some lovely skies, though I doubt we'll have any more like that for a while. If gulls were less numerous they would be one of the birding wonders of this country.

  2. The sky looks like it's on fire! Lovely shots. I HEART cherry blossoms! Wish they hung around for Summer.


  3. I especially love the last picture. The way the pink forms like that is incredible.


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