Sunsets, Rain and Honeybees

There have been so many beautiful sunsets this week, with flashes of orange and yellow lighting up the sky. It seems fitting for the end of what has been a very busy week, but it's time to relax a little more now. 

I felt lucky enough to get a glimpse of this fading sunset through the curtains before heading back to university last week, and felt ready for new things. May is going to be a very busy month but nice, quiet moments like these make it worth it! 

With the sunsets come the sunny days and the skies were filled with fluffy clouds and the leaves on the trees were full and green. There were catkins on the grass everywhere too and it was funny to watch the birds flicking them about in search of food. 

I also had to help this little one back outside after nearly stepping on him/her in my Mum's living room! The little bee perked up once outside and was nowhere to be seen later on. Hopefully I helped and he/she was able to fly off and enjoy the nice weather!

 Then came the stormy weather, with close, humid temperatures and it rained for a good few days which was probably Heaven for all the plants, but stupidly, I thought I didn't need my umbrella and got soaked as I walked home from visiting a friend - but managed to get some nice pictures of the overcast skies as I carefully covered my camera whilst dodging raindrops - pure geographer here! 

However, after the storm comes the sun, and it re-appeared just before I headed back to university, which was a nice send off indeed, and since then I've been smiling all week! On to new, bright and possibly scary things in the future! 

Hope everyone's well and if you're still working hard on your dissertation, good luck! 



  1. Hi Tasha. Some nice moody and atmospheric pictures there. Your remark about geographers dodging raindrops put me in mind of a story I wrote in my blog about my own student days - back in the stone age! You can read about it here
    if you're interested. Take care.

  2. Nice photos
    Have a lovely week!


  3. This is so lovely! I have a giveaway on my blog, if you're interested. Have an amazing day!



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