Lovely Lakes!

This is the start of a new adventure and it's happening in the Lake District!

These views feel like you've been whisked off to a secluded forest oasis. There were lots of lovely wild flowers and damselflies fluttering about, as well as some very cute ducks and even, as my Dad pointed out, the sounds of curious fish peeking out from beneath the water.

There were lots of these cute beetles climbing over the flowers and plants, which I later found out were red headed cardinal beetles (if I'm wrong - please correct me! Sharpening my ID skills :) ). There were also some very pretty coloured flies - I know that's an odd word to team with a fly, but they were such a nice coffee brown colour and were just sitting comfortably on the flower heads enjoying the view.

My love for ducks knows no bounds - their cute waggly tails, their funny little quacking and their sweet faces always cheer me up. 

I still need to ID this flower, because I love it, but it reminded me of tiny clouds because of the  fluffy looking stems. 

It is lovely up here and once I am more settled my posts should be less sporadic.

I hope you're all well and thank you for sticking with me so far!


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  1. I had so much uni work to do today, the weather is gloomy and rainy. Your blog always offers me a nice escape to beautiful places!



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