Tapirs, bumblebees and butterflies!

I've finally made it to Cumbria, which is now home, and am currently typing this while sat next to my window, overlooking some very verdant hedges and trees, which are full of chirping birds. I turned 24 on Sunday and found myself surrounded by animals at the Lake District Wildlife Park, which was as zoos normally are, great fun. The baby tapir, Alves, was the highlight of the day for me, that and a very cheeky gibbon which banged on the glass, resulting in a lot of laughter!

Tapirs are so cute!

It's also been lovely to go back to some of my favourite places such as St Bees, Honister Pass and Ambleside. All of them hold very happy memories and being able to now call this my home is a little unbelievable to say the least; I am very thankful at the moment.

I managed to snap these little beauties just behind our house last week.

Still love bumblebees.

And I never tire of the pretty colours on a Small Tortoiseshell :)

I hope you're all enjoying the heatwave we've been having!


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  1. A belated Happy Birthday to you. I've never heard Tapirs described as "cute" before but you are so right!


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