A Circle Made of Stone

Castlerigg Stone Circle is just a short drive up from the town of Keswick, surrounded by jaw-dropping views of the peaks in the Lake District National Park, where you can find a calming spot to take in the sights below. The sky was filled with fluffy clouds and both walkers and residents were sitting enjoying the tranquil afternoon. I can imagine that when it snows here, the scenery of the snow-capped mountains must be amazing! 

I love how peaceful this looks, even in the photo. It's the kind of place that you can take a stack of books and just sit reading for the whole day. 

"The Mystery of the Sanctuary" sounds like a brilliant title for a book, I thought.

This was really cool, it showed you which peak you were facing depending on where you're stood inside the circle. 

Just an example of the views!

The mythical stones themselves!

If you're ever in the area, near Keswick, I highly recommend going here as it's something which can slotted into a busy day, or incorporated into a series of walks and if you live nearby this area could serve as the perfect picnic spot, with fantastic views across the mountains - which on the sunny day my Mum and I went - was just perfect.

Hope you're all well!



  1. Hi Natasha! What an amazing-looking place! Wow. I must see Castlerigg Stone Circle sometime in my lifetime :)

  2. This looks amazing, I love your photos!

    Maria xxx

  3. Hello Tasha!!!
    Oooh, I must pay this a visit next time I'm in the lakes!!! I like Stone circles! the skies were really beautiful the day you went, lucky!!!
    I'm really sorry, I've been meaning to write for ages, I've started about 8 letters and lost most of them but I was suddenly aware that you've finished uni haven't you, so not sure the address I have is the best one- do you have a new one/home one I could send a letter to?!
    Hope all is well with you xxx

  4. so beautiful! looks like an amazing trip! xx sylvie


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