Birds Of A Feather

I was lucky enough to be able to see some of the most extraordinary birds a couple of weeks ago at the Lake District Wildlife Park. 

George, the Harris Hawk - so stunning!

I love the colour of his eyes, and out of all of the birds of prey there he was one of the smaller breeds.

One of the keepers brought him out for an aerial display a few moments later and he was stunning to see in flight. It did seem a little worrying at first as all the birds were tethered to posts but the zoo do fly their birds free each day and the birds' choice to return to their post is up to them, which was a bit more comforting, as seeing an animal which is naturally at home being free to fly, is always a little worrying.

I was really interested in reading about this. The keeper also brought out one of their Griffon Vultures, who was gorgeous and lovely to see, with downy white feathers around his neck and he hopped after the keeper to get a hold of the pieces of chicken he was holding! 

I loved seeing the Bald Eagle, an absolutely stunning bird and the size of them always surprises me! This eagle started calling out once the keeper came outside - I think they knew it was either time to fly or time for food! 

Also the Golden Eagle was so beautiful! All of the birds became animated when they noticed the keeper coming out and at one point this eagle jumped off his perch, almost right at me, which made me jump and is why he looks a little startled, he was folding his wings back in. I'm always in awe of raptors and their size and the power they seem to command. 

And this was a Caracara - I'd never seen one before and I was fascinated by them. Again, beautiful birds and I was grateful to get these shots of them. 

I hope you're all enjoying your week!


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  1. Thanks for those lovely shots of birds of prey; I've been meaning to visit a local raptor collection for ages - maybe now I'll get around to it. I also enjoyed your pictures of St Bee's Head - exactly as I remember it from starting the Coast-to-Coast there many years ago.


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