Into the Deep, Dark Woods

Whinlatter Pass and the forests which surround it were a cool retreat from the heatwave we had a few weeks back. Heading into the shade of the trees, my family and I hiked along the Comb Beck Trail at Whinlatter Forest, where many of the paths turned into shadowy dirt tracks which seemed to have been plucked from a fairy tail! The views were amazing from the highest vantage points at the start of the walk, allowing you to look out over the pine trees. I felt on top of the world!

The height of the trees and the little sunlight which was able to filter through made it magical.

There was a slight breeze and with the trees being so tall you could hear the wood creaking as they swayed which was both comforting and a little eerie! I wouldn't have liked to have been alone here at night! 

The views were amazing and I highly recommend going here if you ever find yourself in the Lakes :)

I was also very lucky to spot a beautiful Red Admiral butterfly too!

I hope you're all well!



  1. So pretty, my favourite picture is definitely looking up at the tall trees.

  2. Amazing photos Natasha!! I just saw this blog on your FB. Your blog has not shown up on my feed for a long time - I thought you had stopped blogging. I noticed I was still following though. So I unfollowed and immediately re-followed. I read that sometimes does the trick :)

  3. Pretty photos!! Love your nature pics.


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