Out for a country walk!

I have been seriously lacking in the creative department over the past couple of months so I'm happy that I am slowly getting my inspiration to draw, write and craft back and this morning I made sure I sat down, put some music on and drew. In today's care it was a cartoon from one of my favourite all time films, The Nightmare Before Christmas.

I sat down and doodled Jack this morning and he's turned out fairly well! 

I also took full advantage of the sunshine earlier in the week and sat down in full view of it with some luscious strawberries. Nothing beats fruit, good food and sunshine!

Nope, doesn't beat it! 

I also wandered around the corner and off down the country lanes to see the sheep - because I love sheep and these two were kind enough to look up and say hello as I passed them by - too cute!

One minute it was overcast with big, black clouds rolling in like huge dragons and then the skies cleared and the sun hit. Magical.

I managed to spot a huge red dragonfly, a beautiful Goldfinch chirping away, a sweet little Songthrush hopping in and out of the bushes and what I think may have been a water vole, all along here. 

And of course, though still settling into new life in the Lake District and all the stresses of moving and adjusting to a new place that comes with it, I am feeling optimistc, bright and full of life. The whole world is ahead of me, so why should I be afraid? Still working away at the odd anxious pang and worrying thought but all in all I need to remember that life is good, and I hope you all have that instilled in you too :) 

I hope everyone's enjoying their week, and is looking forward to a fun filled weekend!



  1. Hi Natasha, this looks like a lovely walk :)

    I just came by to say thanks for your recent comments, on my latest post and about the Hen Harrier Day. I've been really busy this month and am behind on blog commenting, but I've bookmarked yours so I can come for a nosy in the next couple of weeks when life will be quieter. I will follow too :) Hope you have a good weekend.


  2. Hey, thanks for following along :) I love your nature photography! Think I'm going have a nose around here, I think I've found myself a little gem of a blog :)

    Happy weekend!

  3. I love this! What an amazing lugubrious looking cloud that was!!! Hurrah for cloud-loving!
    So excited about your new life! Thanks for the letter, you made me feel dead guilty for writing so quickly!x


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