Rolling Green Fields & Curious Sheep

As the weather changes, the nights draw in and the leaves turn gold I find myself spending more and more time outside to enjoy the final rays of sunshine and that cool, evening breeze before the chill and the whistling winds blow in - but I love that transitional period from one season to another and I am beyond excited for Autumn and Winter. I love wrapping up warm, with  a good book and a cup of tea in my hands - and it's already starting after Mum made some passion fruit muffins.

It's been nice and sunny these past few days so I've been venturing out into the neighbouring fields, where I found some adorable horses.

This cheeky one looked like it was playing hide and seek with us!

Other than trying to make friends with the local equine neighbours I've also been: 

  • Enjoying the flowers and the local wildlife, where I spotted these very pretty white flowers, but I haven't been able to ID them yet, if anyone can help thank you, I'm learning about all the different wild flowers here so I'm a little in the dark currently!

  • Drawing away and getting back into that creative place that I used to be in - especially where these stunning creatures are concerned, as this was drawn on World Rhino Day 2014, a campaign to raise the awareness of the plight of these gorgeous animals to poaching for their horns.  

  • Finding colour everywhere or at least trying to each day - these pretty pink blooms belong to my Mum's hanging basket and make me smile each time I come outside.  

  • Taking in deep lungfuls of fresh, country air and standing on top of the hill to appreciate the view. The three piebald ponies I talked about earlier live in the top right hand corner field you can just glimpse in the photo. 

  • And saying good evening to these little woolly fellows each evening, who often look at me in confusion before running away - they've not yet accepted me as a friend just yet, but I'm working on it!

What are you most looking forward to this week?

Whatever it is, I hope you enjoy it!



  1. Lovely photos. I learned - correction, I thought I'd learned, the name of that white plant a few weeks ago, but I really cannot remember it right now! I'll pop back and tell you if my brain can find it!

  2. What a cute horse in that first horsey photo!
    I do love those rhino drawings you did too, I always wonder if I could draw like that... I don't think I can.

    I'm making the most of the end of summer, beginning of the autumn, I like going out when the sun is shining but there is a chill on the air, it's my favourite time to be outside.


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