Dragons, Burton-esque pumpkins and rainy days!

Thank you to everyone who left lovely comments on my previous post, I'm feeling a lot more positive and optimistic about the future, so thank you! It's been a tad rainy these past few days in the Lake District, making me want to curl up in the warmth with my blanket and some tea but it's good to get outside and I love watching the crows fly about so I'm happy to brave the chill and the wet!

This week I've been - 

  • Walking in the rain! This is my walk into town now - country lanes twisting around beside the river with sheep for company on either side, but it's good to breathe the cool air and stretch my legs so I'm happy.

  • Finding hidden gems - last week it was sunny and I found this little hidden stream amongst the foliage, my camera doesn't do it justice but the reflection of the branches on the water was extremely pretty, and it was really relaxing to stand by the water and listen to the birds overhead. 

  • Taking in the sun! You can't see in the photo here but all of the sheep were sat right next to the river, it was the sweetest thing, and as the sun came back again, I took full advantage of the short, sunny spell. 
  • Relaxing! It's an odd thing to force myself to do but if I don't schedule in some quiet time for myself I will forget to do it, I've never been very good at just sitting down and enjoying a TV programme, I'll always be working away on something at the same time so I'm teaching myself to fully devote my time and senses to one thing at once, instead of trying to multitask - hard but effective! 

  • Finally, drawing, doodling, and working my way through Wreck This Journal - if you haven't gotten a hold of one of these yet, I highly recommend them, they're great, creative fun and so good for rainy days! I also tried my hand at a cartoon, fantasy style Chinese dragon and a panda doodle - slowly filling up my Jeremy Fisher notebook, and pleased that I've been hitting my creative goal to do something art related each day. 

And getting into the Halloween spirit with this Tim Burton-esque little pumpkin which I found at ASDA - the white on black just makes me think of Jack Skellington and I rather like it as a decorative piece on my books. I love finding little, cute bits and pieces to add to my collection - I'm turning into Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Slowly but surely, I'll soon have a cavern of trinkets. 

What's been your favourite part of the week so far?

Hope you're all having a lovely week!


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  1. I LOVE Keri Smith's books (is it Smith? Keri someone!) I have 'Mess' book!!!


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