Memories of Honister

I took these photos at Honister Pass a couple of months ago but am only just now getting around to sharing them with you all! My old camera is no longer with me so I am relying on my mobile's camera for the time being, hence the digging up of all these photos I never got around to blogging about, in hopes you'll enjoy them.

The pass itself stretches down steep - almost near vertical in places -  slopes which are flanked by scree and tussocks of grass, making you feel as if you are a part of a fantasy world. The peaks seem to tower into the sky and streams flow down the valley, babbling away amidst boulders and thistles which peek out from behind the grass in bright purple colours. Carved out by glaciers, the distinctly U shaped valley creates beautiful views as you travel down the pass. 

The wind was whistling through the valley when we came here but the views were tremendous and it was so quiet. I really liked the way the colours changed from brown and grey among the scree slopes down to that mossy green as you meet the valley floor and the river. 

The river was beautiful and I've always loved the sound of a stream. It was framed nicely by the mountains and there were a lot of other walkers taking photos as we travelled further down. You can capture so many amazing images here, and I want to come back and spend more time hiking through it, because there was so much to see! 

Such a peaceful place to be.

I love how straight the grasses are growing on the bank here, they're so thick and hardy. I was brushing my hands across the tops and it felt more like bristles than blades of grass, and you can see in the distance here the way the mountains curve and bend as they fold down through the valley, it's beautiful. A very calming place to visit and good fun to travel through too, purely for the stunning views. 

The thistles! 
I find them pretty and there were quite a few bees who loved them, hopping on and off them. They provide a nice shot of colour amongst the green and metallic grey of the peaks and the stones. 

Hope you're all well



  1. I would love to visit a place like this. It is so beautiful and looks really relaxing and peaceful.

  2. Beautiful photographs, I especially love the scottish thistle

  3. Extraordinary!! I can't recall the last time I've seen such images in person. Well I can, but it was such a long time ago. Thank you for sharing!!



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