Stormy Weather

The past few days have seen raging gales and torrents of rain pour down on the North, here in Cumbria, and it's been both exciting and a little daunting! Me being me I love a good storm and a rain shower, there's something about the sound of the rain on the windowsill that is the perfect accompaniment to an afternoon spent indoors, usually while watching Doctor Who or lost in some book, but last night's storm did keep me awake a little longer than I anticipated, and the grey skies the day before heralded the oncoming storm in spectacular fashion.

I love the way the rain is sheeting down in the distance. The sheep didn't seemed bother one bit.

I woke this morning to the River Derwent looking a little more swollen than it usually does, and yes there was a wonderful human being fishing away in the river as if the sun was high in the sky and the day was as calm as anything. 

There were some amazing ripples further down the walk, and the water had silted up turning it a muddy colour. 

I did get soaked, but you can't beat a good walk in the morning!

The skies the evening before were stunning too - I love dusk. 

General cloud appreciation!

Found these along the path too, if anyone can identify, let me know! Not so quick on berries and bushes. 

And a lovely, lovely sunset to finish it all off.

Hope you're all having a good start to the week!



  1. Samuel Taylor Coleridge, who also loved Cumbria, used to enjoy going out in thunderstorms. The painter Turner merely had himself lashed to the mast of a ship during a storm so he could witness its full fury. John Muir preferred to climb tall trees in gale force winds to enjoy the ride. So you seem to be in good company.

  2. I like a walk in the rain from time to time too. Those yellow berries (?) I'm not sure about but my best guess (though it's not that easy to tell from a photo!) would be some kind of plum - mirabelle maybe?

  3. I don't know if this is a 'thing' but the clouds look different in Australia

  4. I love the cloud photos! Really beautiful colours you've captured in them.

    We've been having the same stormy weather here, I get a great view from work and I must take my camera down there and get some photos.


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