Walking in the Rain

Walking around here is too good to pass up even when it's pouring outside, and funnily enough, walking in the rain is actually very soothing. So I got my umbrella, got my walking boots on and went for a stroll yesterday. I was very happy to see the heron's gliding about down by the river and managed to catch a glimpse of a grebe floating about on the Derwent too. Once I get my camera back I promise I'll take it back down to the river and try and get a snap of these pretty birds!

Raindrops on berries always look really pretty to me. This is that last shot of colour that nature seems to provide before the Winter chill sets in and these bushes line the stone walls in the field behind the houses, and the jewel red colour always makes me smile when I have to walk down here on a Monday morning. 

I'm making sure I get the most out of where I live now and walking each day is helping to clear my mind and get me outside in the fresh air. 

This field was full of sheep last week but as the weather has turned and become colder overnight, they've been moved and now the only thing left is the solitary tractor which you can't see, but it cuts a lonely figure now all by itself. Every now and again I see the pair of swans that live along the river in here having a stroll, which always makes me smile. 

I know it's far too early to say it, but this colour and these berries automatically make me think of Christmas. 

Because these are all on my phone, the colours don't really shine through, but these plants give the hedgerow a burst of fiery orange amongst the brambles, and they are my favourite Autumnal colours. 

And I found the swans, who were relaxing further down nearer the weir, fluffing up their feathers and just hanging out by the river. The one on the right hand side of the photo posed for me but the other swan was having none of it and hid behind the bank. 

I hope you're all having a good week!
Any plans for Halloween? 



  1. I agree with the Christmassy berries!!! I am so sorry, I don't know why I never know you've posted, I will try following again, not sure why you never popup in my read box!x


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