Among the Peaks at Kirkstone Pass

Another set of photos from my discoveries around the Lake District this summer, this time admiring the stunning views from the steep and exciting Kirkstone Pass! 

In close proximity to the beautiful Windermere, this is the Lake District's highest pass and connects Ambleside to Patterdale, which is in the Ullswater Valley (another stunning area you should visit if you find yourself nearby!). The views as you travel up the ever winding mountain road are gorgeous. The clouds seem within touching distance and the mountains create lush, verdant peaks and troughs, blanketed by scrub, hedges and trees. 

For me, this type of terrain brings back lovely memories of field trips at university, surrounded by the great outdoors and breathing in the fresh air, seeing my degree come to life! 

We were lucky to go on a nice, sunny day so got some lovely views from the top. We travelled by car along the main road, but there were cyclists and walkers aplenty, and if you stop to get out and wander around you can see so many wonderful things. I'll be coming back again for a proper hike I feel! 

I love this criss-cross pattern of scree and grass. 

It's a lovely drive to take if you're exploring the Lakes by car, and there is a lovely Inn at one of the highest points. I believe there is also a steeper drive to take if you're feeling adventurous, but we didn't try that! 

And the lovely view of Ullswater as we drove past to head back home. I'll be going back here at some point because the views were beautiful and I'm hoping to get some more photos of the lake. 

Hope you're all having a lovely Sunday!



  1. Woua thes pictures are incredible and make me wanna go away!!!


  2. Ah, I definitely want to visit! Looks so nice. We never get very far from Keswick when we do the lakes!x

  3. What an amazing and breathtaking landscape Tasha :) Have a great weekend!


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