Clothed in Autumn

Autumn has been described as the year's "last, loveliest smile", and I do believe it to be true. Whilst I have to say that I can't truly pick a favourite season, the transitional times of both Autumn and Spring offer something comforting as the temperature rises and drops in tandem with wildlife disappearing and re-appearing and those last, stolen glances found in the countryside are a welcome sight as the nights draw in. With this in mind, we headed up around Buttermere to seek out something different from the city and were not disappointed!

The stunning, red flourish across the peaks is just gorgeous and this was my first time seeing the Fells in autumn hues.

The mist was cloaking the mountains in the distance and the sheep were toughing it out as the rain started to fall.

It reminds me a little bit of the War of the World's red weed invasion! As you drive through this valley you feel so dwarfed by the slopes but it's always a wonderful sigh to behold. If you ever find yourself near Newland's Pass, please pay a visit, it is beautiful!

The stream in the distance was rushing down the slope before opening up into this delightful little rapid, mini-waterfall, which I was in love with. 

One of the most satisfying sounds to me,

And a little Herdy to finish it all off :) This one was posing right in front of me but my phone didn't capture such a wonderful picture, until he/she turned his head away but it's still too adorable not to share!

How has everyone's week been?

Have a wonderful weekend all!



  1. Oh how beautiful!!! I've never been to the lakes in the Autumn! X

  2. What beautiful photos! This looks like my kind of place, I need to visit here at some point.
    And it is just like the thing for the wildlife not to cooperate with our photo taking!


  3. Look at that cutie in the last picture!!!!

  4. Wow! What a wonderfully rugged and wild place! Such a dramatic landscape - those sheep must be hardy to survive!

  5. This looks absolutely beautiful! It must have been awesome visiting and just a bit soul-cleansing too!

  6. Wow, what exquisite colors! Those red blooms are incredible. Beautiful photos.

  7. OMG these pictures are fantastic!


  8. These photographs are so beautiful I love the transitions between summers and winters as well :)

  9. I completely agree!! The transitional times of year are especially lovely.

    Your pictures are absolutely breathtaking! Maybe one day I'll make it to Newland's Pass It looks magical.


  10. Oh, your photos are fabulous! How lucky, lucky you are to live near such beauty!

  11. Lovely photos, I love the herdy too - we get a fair few of those in these parts too, I love 'em! I could never choose a favourite season either - I love so many things about each season, they all have their good points, so my "favourite" tends to be whichever season we're in!


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